Trend Alert – What is Modern Maximalism?

So if you just caught up with the interior design changes of the millenium to simple design with little color, get ready for a switch to Modern Maximalism! You can buy abstract art or choose the classic patterns that are being re-invented and saturated color is being used.  International Designers are re-interpreting patterns such as florals, plaids, abstracts, etc.  Pierre Frey, Wesley Hall, Jim Thompson, Tony Duquette and Regency are all hot again.  Details such as trimmings, cording, embroidery, netting, and buttons are making there way back to interiors.  Warm toned metals such as gold, brass and rose gold are here to stay.  With bold walls and furnishings the accent pieces will be the neutral accessories and to make sure it lasts, then you may want to hire a Structural Steel Erector when building your home.  Accent walls are now for wall covering and murals, not a change in paint color.  Detail matters again! So if you like what’s coming in Interior Design, you need a Truss Interiors & Renovations more than ever!

Do not forget when starting a new remodeling design make sure that you have checked your insulation as it could likely be improved, so find a good loft insulation installer near you to make sure that it’s up to scratch.

Photo credits to Pierre Frey for the above room.