Thibaut Graphic Wallcovering – Old or New

“Everything that’s old is new, and everything that’s new is old.”

widenor-chevron-zmThe change of color and pattern size make old graphic patterns appear new.  The ever-popular patterns such as Chevron, Trellis, Guilloche, Fret, Arabesque, Rinceaux, Damask, Quatrefoil and others have been used for centuries.  The patterns used in Egypt, Greece, Rome, Islam, India, China, Japan, Italy, Spain, France, England, Africa and the New & Modern World are part of contemporary design.

The next time you consider throwing out an old piece of furniture, know that you can update the piece with fresh paint and upholstery. Remember that modern fabric can always be used on antique furniture; however, antique fabric cannot be used on modern furniture.  Happy Decorating!

This fabulous wallcovering is called Widener Chevron in Coral.  To see this wallcovering and others from Thibaut’s newest collection entitled Graphic Resource, click here:  Thibaut Graphic Resource Wallpaper.

(Permission has been granted by Thibaut Designs to link to their image.)