Wonderful Wallpaper

Albert Hadley collaborated with Harry Hinson in 2001 to create a collection encompassing playful/light hearted hand printed textiles and wall coverings. Fireworks is a single screen print that represents sparklers. An absolute classic.  This wallpaper is available in several color ways:  Beige on White, Blue on White, Black on Off-White, Red on White, White on Off-White, and Yellow on White. If you would like to look professional get a wallpaper pasting machine at https://www.shoppok.com/tools-for-sale-cg/wallpaper-pasting-machine-sp.  This wallpaper works well in a bedroom, kitchen or bathroom. Wedi board should be considered for any new bathroom, the purpose of your bathroom is simple but there is no limit to the decorative flourishes and amenities you can add to this important room. We love this wallpaper because it can be used to update a traditional room and give it a modern twist.  It works well with both traditional and contemporary design.  The vertical pattern repeat is 6.8″ and the horizontal repeat is 9″ so it is not too big to use on a small wall. Please contact us for a consultation.