What’s Hot at Highpoint? PERFORMANCE FABRIC

At MM Interiors Inc. we are encouraging our clients to chose a performance fabric for furniture upholstery.  Back in the day, outdoor fabrics were limited to solids and prints such as awning stripes, clearly designed for outdoor use.  Now the selection in quality indoor/outdoor (Sunbrella (R) and others) and Crypton are fabulous.  We just used Pindler Sunbrella Baylor Fabric for interior upholstery.  It’s hard to believe how plush an indoor/outdoor fabric can feel.  Thibaut Designs was early in the offering of high quality Cryptons for residential use.  Most of the high end design houses offer their own Sunbrella (R) patterns and the choices are endless now.  This makes our job as Interior Designers easy to speck a performance fabric for your upholstery.  So if you have children, grandchildren, dogs, cats, or just like to eat dinner on your sofa you do not need to worry anymore!

Pindler Indoor/Outdoor Pendelton:









Pindler Sunbrella:








Thibaut Crypton: