The Layers of a Bed

Each piece of a bed layer serves a purpose. The duvet cover protects your comforter, a blanket is used either on its own or as an extra layer on cool days, and a coverlet is a perfect layering piece. Quality sheets are important because they are the innermost layer. An Interior Designer can help you create a beautiful and comfortable bedroom. To make sure that your bed and bedroom will be comfortable and no pests will pester you at nighttime, get a bed bug treatment beforehand. A pest control company can come to your house to assist you on this bed bug issue.

Shown above is the Astor Braid from the Matouk Schumacher Collection
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This is a king size bed on a wall that is limited in size, yet this setup still functions perfectly.

The lack of bed frame allows enough room for night tables and bench, but of course it would be even better to have one of the single beds with storage. The tables have a top drawer and open shelf that provide storage as well as room for a land-line phone and table lamps. To add more drama, we added in some paintings at the top of the bed frame. We had some shoulder screws and attached it to the wall.

The swing-arm lamps are great for light without taking up more space. The bench is great for sitting comfortably while dressing or putting on shoes. There are some living room sets that would fit perfectly in this room actually. We might just take a quick peek inside a furniture store and see what we find.