Convertible Furniture Made in the USA

This furniture converts from end table to stool and from coffee table to ottoman by exchanging insets.  The coffee table/ottomans are available in several sizes.  We love the extra large set, creating a massive four piece ottoman-coffee table! Both products are available in a great selection of high quality fabrics, including Waxed Canvas, Raw Silk, Wool, Flax, or Indoor/Outdoor Fabric  and natural stones including Maine Granite, White Marble or Slate. The available sizes are: 24″w x 48″l x 18″h (2 insets), 18″w x 56″l x 14″h (3 insets), 18″w x 36″l x 14″h (2 insets), and 18″w x 18″l x 14″h (1 inset).

I am privileged to be friends with Susie Shapiro Laidlaw, the Maine furniture designer who manufacturers in Maine. Please contact me for pricing and options.

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