Sherwin Williams Color of the Year 2019

Forged by sun. Fired by desert. Introducing Cavern Clay SW 7701, the 2019 Sherwin-Williams Color of the Year. Ancient, yet fully alive. Bohemian, yet totally refined. Cavern Clay brings new life to any living space. It’s right at home with natural furnishings, including exposed floors which come in many tones, also wood furniture, leather upholstery and worldly textiles. For those who are planning on painting their home with the color of the year, then make sure to take into consideration the look of your whole house. 

Decorating your rooms with the right colors and in the right order will ensure you have the perfect combination.  Going from lighter colors in the ceiling and going darker as you go down to the floors is an excellent way of dealing with the overall style and combination, creating depth you need to make the rooms look welcoming. You would do well to also pick colors that will be easier to clean, especially when it comes to carpet cleaning, furniture cleaning, upholstery cleaning, wall cleaning so you won’t have to use the services of a professional cleaning company way too often. Keeping things color-coded will help with creating the style you need and making it last. If you have finally decided on what color you want for your home, then make sure you contact professional services for assistance so you get the end results you have always wanted. 

We have also included the Sherwin-Williams Colormix 2019 Forecast. Visit for more details.  Please contact us for a consultation.