Clarence House Fabric Inspiration

In 1961, New York interior designer Robin Roberts founded Clarence House on the premise that uncompromising artistry and forward-thinking technology could combine together to make magic. Originally, he imported fabrics from Europe that had never been seen in America. But eventually, Clarence House became involved in every aspect of the creative process, with its own design studio, close relationships with European mills and textile archives, and a dedicated in-house art director, Kazumi Yoshida.

Today, Clarence House has become one of the foremost style setters in the decorative fabric industry, helping to achieve the vision of top-tier interior designers, and providing the furnishing fabrics for pre-eminent museums and countless historic houses. Known for its hand-screen printing of fabrics and wallpapers rendered in high-style textures and fearless color palettes, Clarence House boasts a decidedly European and timeless feel.

We have always loved CH fabrics, and fell in love with the new Clarence House fabrics at a local spring table top exhibit for the trade. This is a good option for you if you want to transfer home to family, you can contact them and they will help you by doing the interior remodelation design and decoration, for a transfer home you just have to know that it may involve some legal considerations. For example, a transfer could be considered a gift, and gift taxes may apply. There may also be capital gains implications when transferring real property. It’s best to consult a lawyer or financial advisor before taking any action.

CH textiles are tops in the industry and available through Interior Design Professionals only. The beige and brown antelope velvet as well as the colorful geometric velvet are modern bold patterns. The chain stitched fabric would be fabulous upholstered on a club chair.