Priming Over Wallpaper

Now is the time to think about freshening up a room or more for spring.

Painting over WallpaperIt’s a major project to remove wallpaper in order to paint or re-paper.  The walls often get damaged, so there are many steps to getting the walls ready for paint.  Here is a great idea as an alternative:

If the wallpaper is intact, try priming the walls right on top of the wallpaper instead of enduring the dreaded steaming and removing of wallpaper.  

Make sure to purchase a high quality primer and paint with stain blocker.  Also, paint on only a thin coat of primer so that you do not wrinkle the wallpaper.

The most time consuming part is the prep work, so make sure you take your time with the painters’ tape. After the walls are primed, you can paint or hang new wallpaper.

If you need any assistance with chosing a color palette, please let me know!

Painting over WallpaperMiasRoom