Fundamentals of Color Design

Here is a quick lesson on color before you chose a palette to freshen up for spring.

Color schemes use lighter and darker shades of just one color.
Example:  Pink, Rose, Dusty Rose


Colors are opposite each other on the color wheel.
Example:  Yellow and Violet

sw6902yellow sw6838violet


Colors are next to one another on the color wheel.
Example – Red, Violet and Orange



A combination of any three colors which are equally spaced on the color wheel.
Example – Blue Violet, Red Orange and Yellow-Green

sw6971blue sw6702yg sw6341redscent


Using three or more unrelated colors where one color should remain dominate
Example –  Spring Pastel Flowers

The HUE is the name of the color, the VALUE is the lightness/darkness of a color, and the CHROMA is the intensity of a color.

That’s the quick summary of basic color.  If you need assistance choosing a color palette for your spring project, please contact me.  An hour consultation will be a good investment!

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